There are many things one should remember when learning how to drive. It doesn’t matter if you are a novice or an experienced driver, it is vital to be very careful behind the wheel.

Below we have listed ten basic rules that you should keep in mind. This list is meant for new drivers who are learning how to drive. However, this list can be used to remind experienced drivers that it is often they who forget the basics of driving and cause chaos on the roads.

Get familiarized with your car

Before you drive your car, get familiar with it. Before you learn to drive it, familiarize yourself with the basics. Understand the clutch and the gear arrangements. It’s also important to learn the facts about how the car works. The driving lessons Mirrabooka helps you to understand your car features and also help eliminate bad driving habits such as drunk driving and using mobile devices.

Adjust your seating position

The seating position is the second most important thing an amateur driver needs to know. Even some experienced drivers have trouble securing them correctly, which makes it more likely that they will cause an accident. To avoid back injuries, make sure you sit straight.

Your driving seat should be in a position that allows you to see everything around you easily and comfortably. The height of the seat should not be higher than the windshield. Longitudinally speaking, the seat should not be too high that your knees are stretched when you push down the pedal. Don’t lean forward.

Avoid distracting

As soon as you get into the driver’s chair, be attentive, adjust your mirrors and wear your seatbelt. Avoid distractions as you drive. There are plenty of potential accidents in the city. For every moment, your attention must be on the road. You must follow two basic rules before you begin driving: do not use your mobile phone while driving; and, don’t drink and drive. In addition to these rules, new drivers should avoid eating, drinking and listening to excessive music while driving. Keep your eyes on your lane. You must not drift between the cars.

Set your seat with regard to the pedals

We cannot stress enough the importance of ensuring your seat is properly positioned. You should ensure the seat is aligned with your pedals. Press the brake fully using your right foot. The clutch should be depressed so your knees can remain bent at approximately 120 degrees.

Steering position

There is no single right way to hold the steering wheel. You have to choose how you want it to be held in order to maintain maximum control over the wheel. All research shows that the “10 and 2 o’clock” position makes a great starting point for any new driver. To ensure that you have the best control

Possible of the steering wheel, and your car in turn it, it is very important that you hold the wheel in the correct position.

Keep in mind to use turn signals

It is important to understand the importance turning signals. If you are driving on the road, you will be one of many. Therefore, it is vital that you notify other motorists when you are about turn. It is possible to avoid many mishaps by using signals. Make sure to indicate BEFORE and NOT AS you turn. This will give others the time they need to react.

Do not speed

Speeding up is the biggest temptation when behind the wheel. Before you begin driving at the maximum speed limit, especially on highways, it’s important to get used to the car.

Maintain a substantial distance from other cars

Even though modern cars are equipped with ABS, they have powerful brake systems. However, you should still keep your distance from vehicles in front. This gives you the time to react in the case of an accident. Even though you may be kind and respectful to others, this doesn’t mean they will be. It is better to be a defensive driver today than to be aggressive.

Don’t use the Horn

Horns are there to be heard by drivers, not to vent your frustration. In most cases, excessive horn usage can cause drivers to be more annoyed and cause unnecessary hassle. You might create a lot more problems for others if you are angry at someone driving around.

Remain calm while driving

If you are a novice driver, don’t allow your mood to dictate the way you drive. Anger shouldn’t cause you to speed up, but a positive mood does not mean you should be driving in the middle.