Recent studies have shown that there is a link between poor health and high levels of air pollution. Even if you have only been exposed to pollutants for a brief time, it is possible to still develop respiratory problems such as heart disease, lung cancer, and respiratory infections. We will be looking at a study which shows a link between air pollutants and labor productivity. Continue reading to learn more.

Experts believe that air pollution can have a negative effect on human capital. This means that employees who work in an environment with high levels of pollution will experience a decline in their productivity, well-being, punctuality and communication skills.

To understand the impact of air pollution on labor productivity, however, further research is needed. Researchers find it difficult to determine the relationship between them.

They want to ensure that the measure is reliable. Researchers also need additional information such as how many hours employees worked over a period of time and what payments they received. It is difficult to find this information.

It is also difficult to determine the difference between an employee’s willingness and the effect of pollution on the amount they can produce over a certain period of time.

A data set that was provided by a factory in China was used by a Chinese research team to solve this problem. Workers are restricted in what jobs they can choose to do at the factory. They are also paid wages based upon the number of units they produce. They were paid wages based on how many units they produced. They also kept a monthly record.

The study’s analysis revealed that pollution caused a 4% decrease in productivity. This negative effect is dependent on the demographic group. Senior workers and younger workers are more sensitive to air pollutants than others.

Similar results were found for workers with higher education who are more sensitive to the effects of air pollution. There is also a strong nonlinear relationship between air pollution and labor productivity. The API increase also causes employees to lose productivity.

It was determined that understanding the bigger impact of polluted atmosphere on human behavior is crucial if the government is to create the best environment policy.

We can conclude that employee productivity is directly related to the amount of workplace air pollution. We recommend that you invest in an Olansi high-quality air purifier if your office or workplace has been suffering from pollution.

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