The United States of America was founded on certain democratic principles. These principles were stated and/or implied in the Constitution. However, reality and the greater good require that every right and freedom come with certain individual responsibilities/ obligations and certain limitations. It is against the law to shout Fire in a movie theatre, due to the chaos and safety risks that could harm others. This nation has had to place restrictions on certain freedoms and rights in order to protect society, public health and safety. There are license requirements to drive a car and registration requirements for the registration of an automobile. However, there are very few restrictions on gun ownership. It can create a dangerous situation for others by wrapping oneself in the 2nd Amendment and declaring that it is an absolute right to possess and carry a firearm. This article will briefly examine, review, and discuss 6 areas in our lives where there should be greater alignment between personal freedoms and the greater good.

1. U.S. U.S. It won’t be fair to all, unless/until this nation starts to protect all citizens equally, and not just a few elite.

2. World economy: All over the globe, economies have been negatively impacted by this pandemic. Globalization is a key factor in our economy. Events that affect one country have an impact on all countries. We need to work together more, particularly in the areas of public health, safety and protection of human rights!

3. Travel: personal and business: The pandemic-created economic conditions have made it clear that the most significant victims of the crisis were the travel-related industries. Many people would like to be able to travel again as they did in the past, for both business and leisure. A combination of public health measures and fears has created a travel nightmare.

4. Restore the way we know/ used life:Many people are frustrated and tired by the extended restrictions imposed because of public health concerns. But, they don’t have the right to endanger the health or well-being of others. It seems strange that there is such a partisan divide over the logic and necessity of quality vaccines.

5. Winning against the pandemic: If more people were vaccinated, then the fight against the pandemic would be faster, more thorough and more effective. This battle will only be won if the greater good is the primary factor.

6. How many must die more: This is a question that must be asked, regardless of whether it’s related to the terrible pandemic or safe gun safety rules/ requirements. There is a big difference between the right of indiscriminate gun use and the right to bear arms. Why not register guns as well? This concept should also be used to address safety and public health issues.

We must ensure that all Constitutional guarantees are protected, not just the most important ones if we want to be the land of freedom. The right of life (meaning safety and reasonable expectations) must be a top priority/consideration!

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