After graduating in science, you have great career prospects. Therefore, don’t stop at graduation. You will face tough competitions to find a job. This is a great opportunity to enhance your resume. The career options available in the past were very limited and most people chose the same job. This led to many people being unemployed. However, there are now many options for you to choose from.

After graduation in Science, courses available:

1. Master of Business Administration

This post-graduation course is a popular choice for those looking to get a job with attractive packages. This is the right career path for those who want to work in management positions within government agencies or companies. This degree is not only a great career choice, but it is also mandatory that you obtain it from well-respected B-schools.

2. Law:

This is a popular course that graduates choose. You can then work as a lawyer in private or corporate practice. Each country has its own rules and regulations when choosing a course. A person should also be able to communicate his opinions clearly verbally.

3. Technology for medical labs:

After graduation, you can pursue this program and help doctors in managing patients or treating illnesses. There are many testing methods that deal with human fluids, such as urine, serum, and phlegm. It is also important to determine the type of bacteria and microbial species that caused the illness.

4. Radiology:

It is very similar to medical laboratory technology, but it is mainly focused on the use of bio-medical devices. After graduation, take up radiology courses to become a professional in the field. There are many screening methods that can be used here, including ultra-sonic, CT scan, and X-Ray. They are expensive and can be harmful for patients if used repeatedly.

5. Computer MCA:

After graduation, this 3-year professional program will be beneficial for anyone with a degree in science with maths, computer science, or a bachelor’s in computer application. Computer hardware, web-designing, and software industry are all possible careers.

6. Master of Arts (MA).

After graduation, you can also pursue courses in psychology or MA in public administration. There are many branches of psychology, including MA in public administration and clinical psychology. It deals with psychology and behavior. You can find work in the government, social welfare, and healthcare sectors.

7. Master’s degree in science

After graduation, you can opt for this master’s program in any science field. There are many career options, including astronomy, biomedical sciences and material science. You can choose to study diet, nutrition, and food sciences if you have completed biology as your degree. If you’re still interested, you can also pursue a doctorate.

8. B. Ed:

This course can be chosen after a degree in science if you are interested teaching. This course explains the different methods of teaching.

We are closing our blog specifically designed for science graduates. Keep checking this blog for career advice to see more career tips, news, updates, and other information.

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