Korean dramas, which are based on Korean television series, are very popular in the world. They are known as K-dramas. These dramas are available on streaming services such as Netflix, with subtitles in many languages. They are well-known for their distinctive culture, fashion, style and appeal, which are being translated worldwide.

Genres for Korean Dramas

K-dramas can be produced in many different genres, including historical, comedy, magic and romance. K-dramas are currently focusing on social stigmas like racism, classism, and bullying.

Korean Historical Series

Sageuk is the name given to historical K-drama. The popularity of historical K-drama grew in the 2000s. Yi San and Dae Jang Geum, which are both historical Korean dramas, are two of the most beloved series.

Korean Romantic Series

Korean romance series often feature family ties. Male characters in Korean romance series are often portrayed as being intelligent, handsome, and emotionally driven. They are often searching for their ‘one-and-only’. K-dramas are often family series that rarely progress beyond the kissing stage. This is because of the Korean culture.

Why Korean Dramas are gaining popularity

These reasons will essentially draw viewers’ attention.

  • Attractive characterss – Korean drama actors are often young and attractive. Beautiful women and handsome men are what viewers enjoy watching. They are kept interested and engaged.
  • Culture The popularity of Korean culture as displayed in K-dramas is increasing. People love to see a different culture.
  • Nice Content – One reason K-drama has been so popular is because the content is always clean for the audience.

Broadcasting of Korean Series

K-dramas began broadcasting in 1960s. Contemporary times has episodes that range from 12-24 minutes. Each episode lasts approximately 60 minutes. Sageuk is also known for historical series. These episodes are typically longer and may have more than 200 episodes. The broadcasting times for Korean drama episodes range from 22:00 to 23.00 on weekdays. The Orian cinema network, a total diversity network, Channel A and Korean broadcasting systems, Seoul broadcasting systems, Munhwa television corporation are the networks that air the episodes. Netflix now has some of the most popular Korean series.

Korean Series Ratings

Series like You and I, Sandglass, Sandglass, Sandglass, Hur Jun and A sunny place for the young have received the highest ratings and viewership. All series were produced and broadcast between 1992 and 2000. These series were broadcast by the Munhwa broadcasting company, the Korean broadcasting network, and the Seoul radio broadcasting system. Sky castle, Crash landing upon you, Reply 1988 and Guardian: The lonely great god, Mr. Sunshine, Mrs. queen are some of the most popular Korean dramas cable viewers can view. These Korean series are available on cable channels that target a smaller audience than public broadcasting networks.

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